Rodrigo Tobar presents his new CD!

Chilean musician and composer Rodrigo Tobar presented his eighth CD: "¿Cuándo?" ("When?") was produced by both Rodrigo and his brother Lorenzo. In his songs, the singer-songwriter reflects on the current issues and conflicts that don't stop at national or continental borders in our globalized world: climate change, students' protests, fleeing civil wars or the exploitation of mineral resources by multinational corporations, migration, loss of one's own roots and finding a new identity in a foreign country. "When will the people finally understand that we can't go on living and consuming like we've been doing upto now. We need courageous choices and changes if we want to give our children a better future", says Rodrigo Tobar about the message of "¿Cuándo?"

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Presentación CD ¿Cuándo?




10. Juli 2014

Brasilianische Nacht
20.00 Uhr

12. Juli 2014
Bergisch Gladbach

Altes Freibad
20.00 Uhr

17. Juli 2014

Bayou Beach Club
20.00 Uhr

26. Juli 2014
21.00 Uhr

09. August 2014
15.00 Uhr

16. August 2014
Die Falken
17.00 Uhr

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Sound cosmos Latin America

Embedded in innovative sound collages, traditional patterns and musical vitality, the songwriter and singer Rodrigo Tobar does not  shy away from taking position on nowadays' political and ecological challenges. He tells the old as well as the new stories of a bubbling continent: Latin America.

After three decades of stage career with a variety of formations and numerous CD releases, Rodrigo has now gathered the Tobar family of artists. In addition to his brother Lorenzo, guitarist and producer, are the sons and daughters on the stage, which, thanks to their professionalism and youth, add a new momentum and a refreshing as well as compelling concert experience.

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